Want To Expand Your Fan Base?

During the week 10 of our CIU class, we were talking about fans and how having a fan base especially in creative fields is an asset  for marketing yourself, your work or your brand! The dawn of technology and the virtual world have revolutionized the face of marketing. Allowing us to connect with like-minded individuals or potential clients  seamlessly .

I have a page called “World days” on networks such as Instagram and Facebook, which is a platform to not only exhibit my graphic designing skills but also interact with my fans.

Though I am not an expert, with my experience and research here are a few tips for those wanting to nurture their fan base . As I believe that , without quality fans your marketing efforts can easily peter out!

  1. Specify your target audience

Being cognizant of your audience would help you determine their likes and what gets them ticking!

  1. Effectual Engagement

Experiment with multifarious forms of engagement and post your content in diverse and interesting ways. Moreover, identify which types are the most effective.

  1. Be tangible 

“Give your page a human touch”(Kissmetrics,2017). Connect with your followers on a personal level, by reflecting different shades of your personality. Test out the Pareto principle or 80/20 rule. Focus 80% posts on your work and 20%  to spice things up by sharing you hobbies or experiences; heightening your fans’ affinity and closeness towards you.

  1. Become a powerhouse of content

Ensure that your posts enlighten, inspire and delight your fans to keep them wanting more.

  1. Spotlight your fans

Encourage fans to communicate with one another. Create contests such as “fan of the week” or give their pages a “shout out “, to elevate their experiences (Social Media Manager, 2011).

It is said that “on average, Facebook fans were 41% more likely to recommend a product than their non-fan counterparts”(Uversity,2013).

Therefore, in todays times having a loyal and burgeoning fan base is integral as it broadens horizons and cultivates new opportunities for your career. So follow these tips and get going!


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